Canada Provincial Immigration Program

Author: Parminder Singh LL.B (Canada)
Easier & Faster immigration to Canada, if you either have a relative/friend or a job offer from a provincial employer


Canada is divided into 10 provinces. Because of Canada’s low birth rate and aging population each province competes for skilled immigrants. Hence the criteria for selection are lower under Provincial Nominee Programs than the Federal programs. The applicant applies for Provincial Nomination first and then for Canada Immigration, which verifies the adherence to the provincial criteria and looks after health and security related issues in a Canada Immigration application. There are several streams by which an applicant can apply for immigration to Canada under PNP.

Family class stream

The Provincial Family class stream allows brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, and friends, while Federal Family Class Program only allows spousal and parental sponsorship for Canada PR Status.

Skilled Worker Stream

Under Federal Skilled Worker’s Program, an applicant must demonstrate a good level of English whereas in Provincial Nominee Programs, English is either not required or it is required only at a basic level. The total qualifying points are also less under Provincial Program than the Federal Program.

Almost all provinces require a job offer under provincial nominee programs.

Semi-Skilled Worker Stream

Under PNP, the workers with semi-skilled categories are also eligible for Immigrating to Canada on permanent basis. These semi-skilled categories include Bakers, Industrial Meat Butchers, Food Servers, Cleaners, Hotel Front Desk staff and Long Haul Truck Drivers, to name just a few. The level of English language requirement is low under provincial nominee programs.

An applicant must have a job offer in order to be eligible.

Masters and Ph.d student stream

Under provincial nominee programs of some provinces, such as Ontario, the Master’s and  Ph.D degree holders from Canadian universities are eligible to apply for Canada PR status while they are in their last semesters or within two years of completion of their degrees. At the time of application, they must have legal status in Canada and be residing in the province where they apply for Canada immigration status.

No job is required to be eligible. There is a CAP of 1000 applicant per year in Ontario for this stream.

Business/Farming/Investor Stream

Under Federal Investor’s and farming business programs, the qualifying net worth amount that an applicant must have is $1.6 million, but under the Provincial Nominee Program it is in the range of  $300,000 to $800,000, depending upon the province.

A comparison of Provincial Business Immigration is given here.

Quebec Immigration Program

The Province of Quebec administers its Immigration Program independently and has its own selection criteria. Click here for information on Quebec Immigration.

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