Selecting a right immigration destination

Author: Parminder Singh, LL.B (Canada)

Canada is one of the top ranking countries for immigration. Choosing Canada as a desired destination makes sense Politically, Geographically, Economically and Demographically. This fact is statistically true as shown in the following comparative immigration study:

Salient Features and Benefits of Canadian PR 

  • Free education for your children up to Grade 12
  • Free medical-care for whole family for life
  • Canada’s Per capita income is $40,000 per year compared to India’s per capita income of $3500 per year
  • Minimum wage is $9-10 per hour.
  • Government Pension plan after 65, whether you work in a Private sector or a Government sector; and whether or not you worked in your life, you get at least $1000 per month pension.

Politically, Canada is one of the top 10 developed democracies in the world according to UN’s Human Development Index based on population’s education, age and income criteria.

Geographically, covering 3,855,100 sq miles of area, Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Canada is nearly 3 times larger than India, but compared to India`s population of 1200 million, Canada`s population is only 34 million. Canada is 1.2 times larger than Australia, slightly larger than whole Europe, and nearly 40 times larger than the UK.

Economically speaking, it is relatively easier to find a job in Canada as compared to India because the jobless rate in Canada is 7% compared to India’s jobless rate of 10%. Even when employed, the average income level of people in India is much lower than Canada. India’s employed people’s per capita income is $3500/year compared to Canada’s per capita income of $40,000/year.

Demographically, one of every six Canadians was born outside Canada and Immigration has made Canada a culturally rich, tolerant and prosperous nation.

Canada’s Position in United Nation’s Human Development Index

The UN’s Human Development Index measures development of a nation based on literacy  salary and life expectancy.

From 1990 till 2011, Norway ranked the highest nine times, Canada eight times, Japan three times and Iceland ranked highest two times.

Knowing these facts is an essential step to a clear decision making process.

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