Canadian Immigration through Saskatchewan Business & Farmer Immigration Program


Author: Parminder Singh, LL.B (Canada)


Important Notice: The Entrepreneur Category criteria are under review and the category is not accepting new applications.  The SINP will begin accepting applications after finalizing the review in 2014.

Saskatchewan is one of the 10 provinces of Canada. Immigration to Canada is possible with Saskatchewan’s Business Immigration Program MUCH MORE FASTER AND EASIER THAN THE FEDERAL & MOST OF OTHER PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAMS.


You are eligible to immigrate to Canada under Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program, Business category, if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You or your spouse have a legally obtained net worth of $300,000
  2. You have 3 years of Business experience as an owner or as a manager
  3. You intend to reside in Saskatchewan


A) Within six months of your application you will Deposit $75,000 with the government, which is returnable with interest after 2 years if the conditions of your investment in Saskatchewan are met.

B) You are required to Invest $150,000 in Saskatchewan business (You can do this after you land in Canada, but we will recommend as soon as possible). 


It takes 6 months to process the Provincial application and 10 months to process the Federal application under Provincial Nominee Program.


The application is first submitted to the provincial office which verifies from the 3rd party experts whether the applicant meets the net worth requirement of the program.

The applicant is then required to deposit a processing fee of $2500. The province checks an applicant’s eligibility against 3 point criteria and in about 6 months, the Province grants nomination to the eligible applicant.

The applicant is then requested to deposit $75,000 with the Saskatchewan government, which is returned with interest after two years upon meeting the terms of business performance contract for 2 years, which requires establishment of business in Saskatchewan by investing at least $150,000.

The applicant is finally required to send the Federal Immigration application to the Federal government’s immigration department along with the Provincial Nomination letter. The Canada immigration department checks an applicant’s medical and criminal history and evaluates whether the applicant’s documents and intentions are genuine.

The applicant is not required, but it is recommended that he visits Saskatchewan for the purpose of establishing intention to settle in Saskatchewan. The intention may be established by visiting and establishing business relation in Saskatchewan. But an applicant may establish business relations without visiting the province by attending online business seminars related to an applicant’s business, hiring business consulting firms, investing in property, both residential and commercial.


The similar application under Federal Investor Program takes 3 years to process and the investment requirement is $1.6 million, half of which must be deposited with the government for 5 years without interest. This program is close at this time.

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Parminder Singh LL.B (Canada)