Canada PR through Alberta Immigration Nominee Program

Author: Parminder Singh LL.B (Canada)

The following categories are eligible for fast track Canada PR processing under Alberta Immigration Nominee Program

Skilled workers


An applicant must have

  • Intention and ability to live and work permanently in Alberta
  • A job offer from Alberta employer in the skill type O, A or B for which the employer has obtained LMO or an exemption from LMO


Additional criteria for the following occupations

  • Plasterers, Dry-wall installers, and Upholsterers (4 year experience and training)
  • Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Staff (Employer and employee must be accredited and certified, employee must have high school education, employee must have worked in Alberta for 6 month, employees with first aid certificate preferred)
  • Managers/Supervisors in the Service, Retail and Foodservice Industries (Employees must have a degree or diploma in commerce or business, must have worked as a manager or supervisor for 2 years or must have worked for 4 years in the related industry)

International graduates


The applicant must have

  • A 2 years diploma or degree in an undergraduate program or 1 year degree in a graduate program
  • A valid post-graduation work permit at the time of application
  • A job offer from Alberta employer in skill type O, A or B
  • Worked in Alberta for 6 months with the same employer in a field related to his study

Semi-Skilled workers


An applicant must have

  • At least grade 12 education
  • IELTS as follows:  (4.5 Listening, 3.5 Reading, 4 Speaking, 4 Writing)
  • been working in Alberta for 6 months
  • a job offer for which an Alberta employer has obtained an LMO
  • C or D skill type in the following industry sectors and meet additional occupational criteria for these industries ( 3 to 4 year previous experience plus 6 to 9 months experience in Alberta):

Food and Beverage Processing, Hotel and Lodging,  Long-haul Trucking, Foodservices (pilot project, Manufacturing Eligible AINP Manufacturing Occupations (PDF)

Engineering stream

Eligible Engineering Occupations

(Engineers, Designers and drafters)

  • 2131 Civil Engineers
  • 2132 Mechanical Engineers
  • 2133 Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • 2134 Chemical Engineers
  • 2141 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers
  • 2143 Mining Engineers
  • 2144 Geological Engineers
  • 2145 Petroleum Engineers
  • 2231 Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians
  • 2232 Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians
  • 2241 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians
  • 2253 Drafting Technologists & Technicians


  • The applicant’s occupation in Alberta must be on the AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering Occupations List.
  • The applicant must be currently working or have worked within the last two years in Alberta for one of the following:
    • A recognized and well-established Alberta Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company (EPC); and/or
    • A member company of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta.
  • The applicant must have intention and ability to live permanently in Alberta.
  • If the applicant is working in an occupation under NOC 2131, 2132, 2133, 2134, 2141, 2143, 2144, or 2145, he must provide a “Letter of no Objection” from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) or show that he is registered with APEGA as a foreign licensee.
  • If the applicant is working in an occupation under NOC 2231, 2232, 2241 or 2253, he does not require a “Letter of no Objection” from APEGA.

Trades persons

The applicant must have


The applicant must have

  • A net worth of $500,000 and a capacity to invest this amount in an Alberta farming operation
  • Farm management experience shown by financial documents, education and training, financing from a Canadian bank and proposed business plan

Note: applicants who represent growth to meet Alberta agri-food  targets will be given priority

Family Stream