Morden City Immigration Program under Manitoba Nominee Program

Author: Parminder Singh, LL.B (Canada)

Under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, there is a Community driven immigration Initiative stream. The Morden City, situated 112 Km from Winnipeg, with a population of 8000, provides opportunity to immigrate to Canada permanently under this program. The following selection factors are considered:

Eligibility and selection factors

Age:  21-45

Education: One year diploma

Experience: 2 year within last 5 years

Funds: $10,000 plus 2000 for each family member

Occupations preferred currently: Manufacturing, cabinet makers, welders, auto mechanics, factory sewing machine operators, day care workers

Connections: no connections to any other part of Canada through friends, relatives, education or employment

Adaptability: intention and ability to settle in rural area under cultural and climatic conditions of City of Morden.

Process: Application is first submitted to City of Morden. If selected, the applicant is invited to explore the city of Morden and attend an interview. If satisfied, the applicant receives letter of support from Morden. The applicant applies to MPNP under Morden’s community driven immigration initiative with the letter of support from City of Morden. If satisfied, the applicant receives provincial nomination. Finally, the applicant and his family apply to CIC for Permanent resident visa.

Processing times:  4 months for Morden city processing, 6 months to 12 months for CIC.

Criteria subject to change: check website for updates;