Advantages of studying in Quebec & Manitoba

Parminder Singh, LL.B, J.D. Juris Doctor (Canada)

Advantages of studying in Quebec & Manitoba

  • Become eligible for Canadian PR without a job offer after earning 1 or 2 year diploma in Quebec or Manitoba
  • Save $25,000 to $50,000 dollars in fees and become eligible for Canadian PR status after 1 year of study in Quebec and Manitoba

In most Canadian provinces, a student is eligible for Canadian PR after finishing a degree or diploma program in a Canadian institution provided he gets a job offer from a Canadian employer or after finishing a year of work in Canada. This route to Canadian PR is risky as there might not be a job offer available from a Canadian employer after finishing study program. This route is also expensive as shown below.

Except Manitoba and Quebec, in most Canadian provinces, an applicant needs a job offer or a year’s work experience in Canada to become eligible for Canadian PR.

Rather than doing a 4 year degree on international fee in other Canadian Provinces, the following 1 or 2 year Quebec diplomas holders are eligible for Canadian PR. Save thousands of dollars in fees and become eligible for Canadian PR much earlier without taking the risk of obtaining a job offer from a Canadian employer.

This is not to say that students should not pursue their ambitious and lengthy academic programs, rather this is to suggest that studies on international fees is extremely expensive. As such, students can pursue their ambitious studies on domestic fees after becoming Canadian PR. This will not only save thousands of dollars in fee but it will also make them eligible for Canadian PR and its resultant benefits such as free health care, free high school education, retirement pension and much more.

Not all diplomas are eligible for Canadian PR. The diplomas that have good future outlook in Quebec are eligible. The Quebec immigration announces list of trades which will be eligible for Canadian PR. The first list was published in 2009, the 2nd in 2013 and the 3rd in 2015. According to the list, there are 3 types of trades:  A, B and C

Trades in A category are given 16 points
Trades in B category are given 12 pints
Trades in C category are given 6 points

Diploma course name, duration, average hourly salary with good current & future outlook follows hereunder:

Quebec 2013 list (1 to 2 year diplomas)

  • Retail butchery, 1 year, $18
  • Food & Beverage Servers, 1 year, $14
  • Home care assistant, 1 year, $12
  • Health care assistant, 1 year, $18
  • Cable & Circuit assembly, 1 year, $32
  • Mason, 1 year, $26
  • Pharmacy assistant, 1.5 year, $18
  • Professional cooking, 2 year, $16
  • Computer support, 2 year, $22
  • Machining techniques, 2 year, $22
  • Refrigeration, 2 year, $30
  • Dental assistant, 2 year, $18
  • And many more
  • IMPORTANT ! Please note that the Quebec Immigration’s new 2015 list of occupations in demand has been released, which does not include some of the above mentioned occupations: In the current 2015 list, the following diplomas are in A and B category and their duration is 1 to 2 year

Quebec 2015 list (1 to 2 year diplomas)

“A” category diplomas

  • Agricultural Mechanics (DVS)
  • Construction Machine Mechanics (DVS)
  • Diemaking (AVS)
  • Flight Dispatch (DVS)
  • Health, Assistance, and Nursing (DVS)
  • Heavy Road Equipment Mechanics (DVS)
  • Mould Making (AVS)
  • Ore Extraction (DVS)
  • Stationary Machine Mechanics (DVS)
  • Tool-making (AVS)

“B” Category diplomas

  • Automated Systems Electromechanics (DVS)
  • Automobile Mechanics (DVS)
  • Boilermaking (DVS)
  • Dental Assistance (DVS)
  • Drilling and Dynamiting (DVS)
  • Fire Protection Mechanics (DVS)
  • Fire Safety Techniques (DVS)
  • Home Care (DVS)
  • Industrial Drafting (DVS)
  • Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems (DVS)
  • Installation of Electrical Transmission Lines (DVS)
  • Machining Techniques (DVS)
  • Motorized Equipment Customer Consultation (DVS)
  • Moulding Machine Set-up and Operation (DVS)
  • Photography (DVS)
  • Plumbing and Heating (DVS)
  • Residential and Commercial Drafting (DVS)
  • Retail Butchery (DVS)
  • Sheet Metal Work (DVS)
  • Smelting (DVS)
  • Surveying and Topography (DVS)
  • Tiling (DVS)
  • Welding and Fitting (DVS)
  • and many more

“B category” university degrees

  • Business administration and
  • many more…….

Currently a Quebec university degree in Business administration is also in demand in Quebec state and prospects of getting permanent residence are very good with this degree. Since the degree will take 4 years to complete, it is not certain that the demand will remain constant.

How can these diplomas make an applicant eligible for Canadian PR so early and without a job offer?

A Quebec diploma adds additional 6 points and a year’s stay in Quebec adds additional 5 points on the Quebec immigration selection point grid which makes it easier to pass the Quebec immigration point system. However, students should select their diplomas whose future outlook is either good or fair.


In a similar fashion, a student can pursue studies in Manitoba and become eligible for Canadian PR without the need of finding an employer to sponsor his PR application. However, students should select their diplomas whose future outlook is either good or fair.

Manitoba, Winnipeg, 1 year diplomas (Names & Start Dates)

Business administrative assistant, Jan 2015
Medical administrative assistant, May 2015
Culinary arts, Feb 2015
Early childhood education, Aug 2015
Quebec, Montreal, 1 year diplomas
Home care assistant, March 2015
Nursing assistant, Jan, February, March, 2015
Food & beverage service, Jan, Feb 2015
Cable & Circuit assembly, March 2015
Retail butchery
Pharmacy assistant 1.5 year, date not known
Computer support technician 1.5 year (will be completed in 1 year), Jan 2015 or 09/15
The difference between Quebec and Manitoba study programs

Quebec offers much more choices in selection of diplomas whereas Manitoba offers few choices as it restricts access to many high demand diplomas to Canadian residents only.

Final word: Students should seek professional assistance in order to save both time and money for their immigration plan. Often a single error is enough to sink the whole immigration plan.