Processing delays in immigration applications and alternative pathways

Author: Parminder Singh J.D. Juris Doctor (Canada)

Expect processing delays in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Morden city immigration applications

The processing time, as per the following Quebec immigration web link, could go up to 4 to 5 years, but in our experience with other cases, the interview call has come in 2 years:

To speed up your application processing: If you want to continue with Quebec application, it is strongly recommended that you learn  French to speed up your application and use this time to prepare for nursing or other applicable licensing exams in Quebec. You will not have enough time to study in Quebec. The other way to speed up the process is to get a job offer from Quebec (in this case the processing time could be extremely short, i.e. 6 months or less)

Other options are available, if you are impatient: You might also be eligible for Federal Skilled Worker express entry if your IELTS score is minimum 6 bands in each component (processing time is 6-9 months).

You are eligible under the following Nanny program as well, if you have 10+2 education, 5 bands in IELTS and an year’s experience as a care giver. Nurses are eligible without experience, check this articles for more dtails: (processing time is 6 months). But in both of these cases you might require a job offer from Canada.

Morden City Immigration processing times

Morden city immigration accepts 5% of total applications received per year. They receive around 1000 applications in a year, out of which, they select, 50 applicants per year whereas they may not respond to 950 i.e. 95% of applicants. The applicants who do not receive a response within 1 month are advised by the Morden city immigration to apply under other programs. See this link for further information:!application-process/crgp

Morden city processing time for eligible high demand occupations is one month however, If you have not been notified by the end of the indicated time, we encourage you to seek other immigration categories. Further time is required for Manitoba provincial nomination and federal government processing. See this link for further information:!answers/c21kz