Important changes to Quebec Immigration on Aug 5, 2015

Author: Parminder Singh LL.B, J.D (Canada)

Quebec Immigration has  announced very important changes to selection of skilled workers on August 5, 2015. The changes will be applicable to all applications received after Aug 5, 2015 as well all applications received prior to this date for which no decision has been rendered yet.

Modifications to the selection grid for skilled workers: the “adaptability” factor is no longer considered in the evaluation

As per the above announcement, the qualifying points for a for a single applicant would be 49 and the qualifying points for a married applicant would be 57. Six  points for adaptability interview are removed from Quebec point selection criteria for all applicants who apply after August 05, 2015 or who have applied before this date but have not received a decision on their application yet.

In our view, even the applicants who have been given an interview date will not be awarded points for interview since interview call does not mean that a decision has been made. However, if a decision was rendered immediately after conducting an interview, the appoints will be awarded points for adaptability interview. Regardless of the changes in the rules, if you have received an interview call and the interview is not revoked yet, you should keep preparing for the interview as the government can still reject your case if they determine that you do not intend to reside in Quebec based on your lack of knowledge of Quebec and French language.

Previously, the qualifying points for a single applicant were 49, but with adaptability interview the qualifying points for a single applicant were 55. Similarly, the qualifying points for married applicant were 57 but with adaptability interview, the qualifying points for married applicant were 63.

Since the factor of adaptability is removed, the qualifying points are 49 and 57 for single and married applicants respectively.

This does not mean the government cannot conduct interview. This only means the government cannot award points for interview. If the government feels the application is fraudulent or needs some clarifications, they can call for an interview and reject the case if they are not satisfied with the applicant’s explanations or evidence in support of his application.

In the former rules, the government could merely reject an applicant’s application, if the government felt that the applicant would not be able to adapt to Quebec life because of lack of French language ability or  knowledge of Quebec culture. Not all candidates were called for interview but those who were called they required 55 and 63 points to qualify respectively for single and married candidates. Generally, if a single candidate scored 55 points without an interview, he would not be called for an adaptability interview. These rules are now deleted from the legislation.

If you score 49 points as a single candidate, you qualify provided you intend to stay in Quebec.

If you score 57 points as a married candidate, you qualify provided you intend to stay in Quebec.

In order to prove your intention to stay in Quebec, you should undertake several measures, such as learning about Quebec and its language, culture, rental and job market.