Explaining raw facts for a successful visa application

Author: Parminder Singh, J.D (Canada)

How a rejected visitor visa application was accepted within 24-48 hours of its filing

Recently, a client filed two vasa applications, one on his own and another through us, but 1st application got rejected and the 2nd one got accepted. In this article we will explain the reasons for acceptance of the 2nd visa application.

The first application contained only raw facts. For instance it contained information with respect to the applicant’s sound financial condition, family ties in home country and unemployment in home country.

Explain the financial condition, not merely state the financial condition

In the 2nd application, these raw facts were given meaning. For instance, it was explained how the applicant’s sound financial condition stands better in comparison to Canadian average household income.

Explain the family ties to your advantage, not merely state the family ties

Whereas the first application only contained the fact that the applicant is leaving behind her husband to meet her student children in Canada, the 2nd application explained how the applicant’s family ties in her home country compel her to return from Canada after short stay there. For instance, the applicant explained that being a housewife, the applicant must return home to look after the household and her husband in order to let him work outside while the applicant takes care of the household duties.

Explain the unemployment to your advantage, not merely state the unemployment

While the 1st application was refused because of the applicant’s unemployment in her home country, the 2nd application was accepted for the same reason because the 2nd application explained how the applicant’s unemployment outside her home has allowed her husband to make a living for the whole family.

Explain the purpose of visit to your advantage, not merely state the purpose

In the first application, the purpose of visit was merely mentioned as visit to the children on a student visa whereas in the 2nd application it was explained that the visit is required to supervise the children and to give them unconditional care, both of which are required to produce a better citizen to the world. However this did not mean that she could ignore her duties as a housewife in her home country where her services were required in order to let her husband work outside. This was a compelling reason for her return to her home country after fulfilment of her equally essential duties in Canada. The dual role of the applicant as a mother and as a wife was explained to show the purpose of visit and purpose of return to home country.

Visa granted within 24 hours

Surprisingly, the visa for the 2nd application was granted within 24 hours of receipt of application by the visa office since the inferences from the raw information and facts about the applicant’s financial condition, family ties and purpose of visit were so persuasive that the officer granted the visa right away.