Predicting chances of Canada PR under express entry system

Author: Parminder Singh LL.B, J.D (Canada)

How to improve your ranking in express entry system  

Express entry system says that all skilled occupations are eligible under express entry system. However, all skilled applicants are not eligible to apply for Canada PR since candidate selection is rank-based and not first-come-first based as was done under pre Jan 2015 system. This article will explain how to improve your ranking.

Check the following tool to know your possible score and to know where you need improvement:

Eligible score rank for Canadian PR from Jan to July 2015

  • Jan 31:      866 (779 invitations to apply for Canadian PR sent)
  • Feb  7:       818
  • Feb 20:      808
  • Feb 27:      735
  • Mar 20:      481
  • Mar 27:      453
  • Apr 10:      469
  • Apr 17:      453
  • May 23:     755
  • June 12:    482
  • June 26:    469 (1575 invitations to apply for Canadian PR sent)
  • July 10:      463

How to improve your score

There are things that you can do to improve your score and increase your chances of being invited to apply for Canadian PR. For example, you may want to:

  • secure a valid job offer using:
    • Job Bank, or
    • by promoting yourself to employers in Canada using private sector job boards or personal contacts,
  • consider Provincial Nomination
  • improve your IELTS score
  • improve your education, or
  • gain work experience.

Skilled  workers under Federal skilled worker class FSW, Federal skilled trade class FST, Canadian experience class CEC and Provincial nominees program PNP are eligible for Canadian PR under Express entry system. Job offer is mandatory under FST class but it is not mandatory under other classes.

If you are eligible to be in the express entry system, your online express entry profile is valid for one year. Here follows the historical express entry ranking scores that were eligible for Canadian PR in the last 6 months. Based on these figures, you will know whether you are likely to be a candidate for Canadian PR. If you are not likely to be a candidate for Canadian PR,  you may try to improve your score with the advice given at the end.

Even if your score is low at this time, you should create express entry online profile because if your profile is online, there is a chance that it may be picked up by an employer which will improve your score by 600 point up. But if it not visible to the potential employers, it cannot be picked up.

The score may go down or it may come up in the next 6 months, its unpredictable, but one thing is clear from the historical ranking scores eligible for Canadian PR: candidates without job offer are ALSO being selected for Canadian PR:

Understanding Express entry point system in Brief:

Total points: 1200

Age, education, experience, IELTS: 600 points

Job offer or nomination from a Province: 600 points

Distribution of 1200 points

  • 600 points for age education experience and English
  • 600 points for Canadian job offer or provincial nomination

Points break down

  • Age: 100 or 110 (100 if you are married and 110 if you are single)
  • Education: 140 or  150
  • Canadian Experience: 70 or 80
  • IELTS: 130 or 136
  • French: 20 or 24
  • Spouse (education, IELTS, experience): 40
  • Combination of IELTS and work experience in Canada and abroad: 50
  • Combination of IELTS and work experience abroad: 50
  • Approved Job offer from Canada or Provincial Nomination: 600

Canada’s Express entry immigration point system

Author: Parminder Singh, J.D. Juris Doctor (Canada)

This immigration program is starting on January 1, 2015. Applicants who filed under older program will be assessed under older rules.

The express entry program will rank candidates from all other eligible programs according to a 1200 point scale. The ranking list of candidates will be posted on Canada job bank website from where the employers may pick the candidates for job offers.The express entry program will target,

  1. Federal Skilled workers (FSW)
  2. Federal Skilled trade workers (FST)
  3. Canadian Experience class workers (CEC)
  4. Provincial Nominees (PNP), Only if a province wishes to provide provincial nomination to applicants from express entry pool)

Eligibility for entry into express entry ranking system

  • Minimum eligibility criteria, in a nutshell: Applicants must meet minimum criteria of respective programs such as Federal skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trade Class, Canadian experience class, and Provincial Nominee class, to be eligible for entry into express entry ranking pool.
  • Minimum points: Required 67 out of 100 points for FSW class to enter express entry ranking pool. No points required for FST and CEC class but following criteria must be met.
  • Minimum IELTS: IELTS general 6 bands in each component for Federal skilled worker class and 5 bands for Federal skilled trade class (5L, 5S, 3.5R, 4W). If applying under Canadian experience class, there is no requirement for education assessment, however the IELTS requirement remains according to the occupation (for technical occupations 5 bands overall, for professional occupations 6 bands in each component)
  • Education evaluation: All applicants and their spouses will not be able to apply for this program without IELTS general and without their Education Assessment by an authorized organization (Education assessment not required for Federal skilled trade class and Canadian Experience class applicants).These processes take time, therefore, applicants and their spouses should start theses processes under expert guidance without delay.
  • Eligible occupations: All occupations in O, A and B categories of National Occupation Classification are eligible for express entry pool. However, since all occupations are not listed in FSW and FST classes, it might be difficult to get LMIA for all occupations. All occupations mentioned in Federal skilled worker class and  Federal skilled trade class are eligible if applying under these categories. If applying under Canadian experience class, certain occupations are not eligible. Check before applying. Students who obtained Ph.d from Canada are eligible if they apply within 1 year of completion of Ph.d in Canada or when they are in their last semester.
  • Minimum experience: 1 year in the last 10 years in an eligible occupation under Federal Skilled worker class. 2 year in an eligible occupation under Federal skilled trade class in last 5 years. 1 year within the last 3 years under Canadian experience class.
  • Job offer: Required a qualifying Job offer under FST class for 1 year from one or two employers. No requirement for qualifying job offer for FSW and CEC class but highly recommended to rank higher on express entry ranking pool (because 600 points out of 1200 points are given for a qualifying job offer alone).
  • Minimum Settlement funds: Funds requirements as per each individual program such as: FSW, FST, CEC and PNP e.g FSW program requires approximately $11,000 for one person, $13,000 for 2 persons and so on. However, there is no settlement fund requirement for FST program.

Express Entry Pool: Main Features

  • Total Points 1200: 600 points for Qualifying job offer or Provincial nomination from Canada; and 600 points for rest of the factors such as age, experience, education, Language
  • Express entry system does not tell how many points are required to qualify or which occupations will qualify under it. It does, however, tells applicants must meet all the requirements of programs under which they are applying.
  • This system tells how many total points are assigned to each factor for ranking
  • Once the applicants are eligible to apply for express entry, the Applicants will be ranked according to points they achieve on the express entry selection point grid.
  • After their ranking, if the applicants do not already have a job offer, they will be asked to register on the Canadian job bank website so that Canadian employers may offer them job
  • This system will not prioritize applications on first come first served basis, rather this system is rank based
  • Those who rank higher than the others will be given invitation to apply for Canadian PR
  • Government will keep picking high ranking applicants periodically over a year’s time until the quota is full. The date, occupations and quota of applications will be published prior to picking up applicants periodically.
  • The system will maintain rank based profiles of all applicants for 1 year on the Canadian job bank website for their selection by the Canadian employers. Once the quota of spots is filled in a particular skill category, that skill category will be closed, and other skill categories will remain open for 1 year.
  • The express entry program is fast track Canada PR program, in which processing takes only 6 months
  • The express entry point system is unnecessarily complicated but in a way simple for being online and fast
  • The express entry point system encourages single applicants by giving them more points than the married applicants
  • The express entry system favours those who have a job offer from Canada or provincial nomination from a Canadian province

Total points: 1200 maximum as follows,

  1. Canadian “Qualifying Job offer” or provincial nomination: 600 points
  2. 500 for Human Capital factor: 500 points
  3. 100 for Skill Transferability factor:100 points

Example of a perfect scoring applicant: The following points will be given to an applicant who scores perfect score on age, education, IELTS, French, Experience, Job offer etc.

1. Canadian “Qualifying Job offer” or Provincial nomination factor: maximum 600 points

Canadian Job offer:             600

or Provincial Nomination:     600

2. Human Capital factor: Maximum 500 points as follows,

Applicants who do not take their spouses to Canada will get more points on age, education, language and experience factors as shown below:

Age:                                       110 or 100 (If 20 to 30 year)

Education:                              150 or 140 (If PH.D)

IELTS:                                    136 or 128 (If 9 Bands)

French:                                   24 or 22

Experience (Canadian):          80 or 70 (If 5 years or more)

Spouse education:                  10

Spouse IELTS:                        20

Spouse Work (Canada):          10

3. Skill transferability factor: Maximum 100 points as follows,

Combination of following factors in an applicant

Education & IELTS:                                   50

Education & Canadian experience:           50

Foreign work & IELTS:                              50

Canadian work & foreign work:                  50

Trade certification & IELTS:                       50

Notes: A qualifying job offer means: an offer of full time permanent job offer for Professional, Skilled or Technical occupation from a Canadian employer which is approved by Department of Employment & Social Development based on occupation’s supply and demand forecast or outlook.

Caution ! This article is just a snap shot and an example of maximum points scored by an ideal, top ranking candidate. The express entry point system is much more complicated. The applicants are advised to be very careful while applying or they must seek expert guidance.

Canada Immigration: New Federal Point criteria after May 04, 2013

New May 2013 Federal skilled worker Points system

Federal skilled worker categories May 2013

Author: Parminder Singh, LL.B (Canada)

Total Points: 100, Must score: 67 points

Immigration to Canada is possible through Canada Federal skilled worker program. A person must score 67 points to be eligible for Canada PR.

Education 25 Points: PHd 25 points; MA or professional degree 23; two diplomas/degrees (one at least 3 year) 22; 3 year diploma 21; 2 year diploma 19; 1 year diploma 15; 10+2, 5 points

English 24 Points (minimum 6 band in each): 6 band 16 points; 7 bands (or 6.5 in speaking, reading and writing; 7.5 in listening) 20 points; 8 bands 24 points

French 4:  CLB 5 A1 A2 B1 French

Experience 15 Points : 1 yr 9 points; 2 yr 11 points; 4 yr 13 points; 6 yr 15 points.

Age 12 points: 12 points for 18 to 35 year; decreases 1 point per year after 35 year, Zero point at 47 year.

Arranged employment with LMO: 10 points

Adaptability: maximum 10 points

  • Principal applicant’s 1 year work in Canada: 10 points
  • Spouse English level 4 to 4.5 band:  5 points
  • Relative in Canada (aged 18 year or above): 5 points
  • Spouse education or work in Canada: 5 points
  • Arranged employment: extra 5 points

Source: Government of Canada:


Quebec Skilled Worker Class

(For a current short list of skills in demand in Quebec, click here)


An easier immigration to Canada option


  • Quebec Immigration gives priority processing to the Applicants whose skilled training is on the Quebec Area of Training List.
  •  Job offer from Canada is not necessary as is the case under Provincial Nominee Programs for other Canadian provinces.
  • To qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, a single or unmarried applicant must score 49 points. A married applicant must score 57 points.
  • French is not required to apply, if an applicant scores the required points. However, it is strongly recommended to learn French.

Quebec Skilled Worker Point Criteria[vi]

  1. Quebec Education/Training criterion: Up to 28 points (Must have 12 years of education, More points for education in Quebec Area of Training occupations)
  2. Validated Employment Offer: Up to 10 points (10 points if job offer is from outside Montreal, 6 points if job offer is in Montreal)
  3. Experience: Up to 8 points (4 points for 6 months experience, 6 points for 2 years or more experience, 8 points for 4 year
  4. Age: Up to 16 points (18-35 years, full 16 points; Deduction of 2 points per year after 35)
  5. Language Proficiency: Up to 22 points (Up to 6 points for English and 16 Points for French); (4 points for 5 bands in listening and speaking, 6 points for 7.5 in listening and 6.5 in speaking; 16 points for High Level in French)
  6. Stay and Family in Quebec: Up to 8 points
  7. Spouse’s Characteristics: Up to 16 points
  8. Children: Up to 8 points ( 4 points for child aged 0-12 years; 2 points for child aged 13-21)
  9. Financial Self-Sufficiency: 1 point (Must sign a contract with the Quebec government that the applicant will have funds for 3 months survival without a work in Quebec, application will be refused without 3 months settlement funds)
  10. Adaptability: Up to an additional 6 points may be awarded for interview. if an interview for Adaptability is conducted, a single applicant must score a minimum of 55 points and a married applicant must score 63 points. Points are awarded according to an applicant’s knowledge of Quebec culture, job market, knowledge of French and rental accommodation.

NOTE: On August 5, 2015, the adaptability factor is removed from the selection point grid.

Parminder Singh LL.B (Canada)


[i] s.1 of the Regulation respecting the weighting applicable to the selection of foreign nationals, RRQ, c I-0.2, r 2, s.1