US Visitor Visa for Business or Pleasure

B1 & B2 US visitor visas

The category B1 is for business visitors and the category B2 is for leisure visitors.

B1 (Business visitor visa)

Business visitors conduct activities of a commercial or professional nature, consult with business associates, draft a contract, attend a business or scientific seminar.

B2 (Tourist visa)

Leisure visitors visit relatives, friends, and tourist attractions. They participate in sports, social events organized by fraternity or community organizations.


In order to successfully obtain a visitor visa, an applicant must rebut the presumption that he is not entering USA to settle there permanently by demonstrating that,

  • He is visiting USA for business, pleasure or medical treatment for a short term
  • He has ties to his home country such as business, employment, and family, which will compel him to return to his home country.
  • He has sufficient funds to carry out the purpose of his business or tourist visa


Currently, the visitors from the following 37 countries are exempt from a visitor visa:

  • Andorra, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland,Norway, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy,San Marino, Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, South Korea, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Malta, Sweden, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands, Taiwan, United Kingdom.