Criminal & Human Rights Law

Since volunteerism is the core value of our law association, we provide free Criminal & Human Rights law services. Apart from working for a fee, we work for free, where public good is involved, such as, in the following areas:

We provide pro bono services in Criminal & Human Rights Law

  • Domestic Criminal Law: Defence of wrongfully charged or convicted persons in various criminal cases such as forgery, cheating, check bounce, rape, dowry etc etc.
  • International Criminal Law: War Crimes, Crimes of aggression, Genocide, Crimes against humanity
  • Human Rights Law enshrined in Domestic Constitutions and International Human rights treaties:

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS: Right to life, liberty and security of person and protection from torture

POLITICAL RIGHTS: freedom of expression, assembly and association;

SOCIAL RIGHTS: Social, economic and cultural rights;

RIGHTS OF SPECIFIC PEOPLES: rights of women, children, refugees, minorities and peoples right to self determination.

Fairness and justice is the foundation of peace. Protection of life, liberty  and security of all is the prerequisite of fairness and justice.  Because Criminal & Human Rights law touches upon the fundamental rights of life, liberty and security of individuals, minorities and peoples, we have a special research interest in it . We are committed to protection of rights of all for the development of a just and peaceful society and world order.