Quebec Spouse’s Characteristics criterion

The Spouse’s Characteristics criterion

Up to 16 points

Spouse’s Education
Education Level Points
Secondary school general diploma 1 point
Secondary school vocational diploma 2 points
Postsecondary school general diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies 1 points
Postsecondary technical diploma attesting to 1 or 2 years of full-time studies 2 points
Postsecondary technical diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies 3 points
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 1 year of full-time studies 1 point
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies 2 points
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies 3 points
Master’s degree attesting to 1 or more years of full-time studies 3 points
Doctorate 3 points
Maximum 3 points


Spouse’s Area of Training
Area of Training Points
Section A of the areas 4 points
Section B of the areas 3 points
Section C of the areas 2 points
Section D of the areas 1 points
Section E, F or G of the areas 0 points
Maximum 4 points


Professional Experience
Professional Experience Points
6 to 11 months 0 point
12 months or more 0 point


  • Work experience must have been accumulated during the five years preceding the application date.
  • Work experience includes remunerated employment and internships, whether remunerated or not.
  • As an exception, an international student who has received a diploma from a Quebec university or college (or will receive a diploma within 12 months of the application date) does not need to meet the six month work requirement and is automatically awarded 1 point under the Work Experience criterion.
Spouse’s Age
Age Points
18 to 35 years of age 3 points
36 years of age 2 points
37 years of age 2 points
38 years of age 2 points
39 years of age 2 point
40 years of age 1 point
41 years of age 1 point
42 years of age 1 point
43 years of age or older 0
Maximum 3 points


Spouse’s Language Proficiency
French Proficiency Points
Oral interaction 0 – 6 points
Written comprehension 0 points
Maximum 6 points