Skill Development

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Skill Development Program at Guru Kashi University


Skill Development Program Information

Main Features of Skilled Trade Diplomas & Degrees at Guru Kashi University, Talwandi (Sabo), Bathinda, Punjab

  • These Diplomas/degrees are in the high demand list of the Canadian/Quebec Government
  • These courses facilitate fast track placement in Canada as Permanent resident/worker
  • Average hourly pay for 2 years diplomas: $17.59 to $31.87 per hour(Wages according to the collective agreements in force in the construction industry (May 2009). Consult the Commission de la construction du Québec Web site for more information.)

Courses offered

1 & 2 years Diplomas: 2 Year (Welding, Sheet Metal, Plumbing), 1 Year (Masonry)

3 Years Diplomas: Business Management, Insurance & Financial Services, Lab Technology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, (These are diplomas, not degree courses)

3 Years Degrees: Chemistry, Statistics

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Disclaimer: Guru Kashi University has introduced the Immigration Oriented diplomas as per Canadian and Quebec government’s list of trades in high demand at this time. Guru Kashi University does not claim that the trades in the government’s list will remain in high demand permanently.