Quebec Immigration Program

Author: Parminder Singh, LL.B (Canada)

An easier way for Immigration to Canada without a Job offer

Quebec is Canada’s one of the ten Provinces, where French is the dominant language of daily life. With respect to selection of immigrants, the Province of Quebec is the only Province which is independent from the Federal or Central Government of Canada.

The applicants are first issued Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC) by the Quebec immigration. In the 2nd stage, the applicant applies to the Federal Government’s immigration department for Canada PR status. The Federal Government of Canada performs health and security checks and grants admission to the applicant.

An applicant’s intention to settle in Quebec is the decisive factor in obtaining Quebec Selection Certificate and  even after landing in Canada, the applicant must stay in Quebec for at least 1.5 years in order to maintain his Canada PR status.

Quebec immigration program has 5 classes of applicants who are eligible for Immigration to Canada:

  1. Skilled Workers Class[i]
  2. Quebec Experience Class[ii]
  3. Business Class [iii]
  4. Family Class [iv]
  5. Refugees [v]



  • Quebec Immigration gives priority processing to the Applicants whose skilled training is on the Quebec Area of Training List.
  •  Job offer from Canada is not necessary as is the case under Provincial Nominee Programs for other Canadian provinces.
  • To qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, a single or unmarried applicant must score 49 points. A married applicant must score 57 points.
  • French is not required to apply, if an applicant scores required points. However, it is strongly recommended to learn French.

Quebec Skilled Worker Point Criteria[vi]

  1. Quebec Education/Training criterion: Up to 28 points (Must have 12 years of education, More points for education in Quebec Area of Training occupations)
  2. Validated Employment Offer: Up to 10 points (10 points if job offer is from outside Montreal, 6 points if job offer is in Montreal)
  3. Experience: Up to 8 points (4 points for 6 months experience, 6 points for 2 years or more experience, 8 points for 4 year experience)
  4. Age: Up to 16 points (18-35 years, full 16 points; Deduction of 2 points per year after 35)
  5. Language Proficiency: Up to 22 points (Up to 6 points for English and 16 Points for French); (4 points for 5 bands in listening and speaking, 6 points for 7.5 in listening and 6.5 in speaking; 16 points for High Level in French)
  6. Stay and Family in Quebec: Up to 8 points
  7. Spouse’s Characteristics: Up to 16 points
  8. Children: Up to 8 points ( 4 points for child aged 0-12 years; 2 points for child aged 13-21)
  9. Financial Self-Sufficiency: 1 point (Must sign a contract with the Quebec government that the applicant will have funds for 3 months survival without a work in Quebec, application will be refused without 3 months settlement funds)
  10. Adaptability: Up to an additional 6 points may be awarded for interview. if an interview for Adaptability is conducted, a single applicant must score a minimum of 55 points and a married applicant must score 63 points. Points are awarded according to an applicant’s knowledge of Quebec culture, job market, knowledge of French and rental accommodation.

NOTE: On August 5, 2015 adaptability factor is removed from selection point grid.


Quebec immigration processes applications under these programs within 20 days. This program is for those who have worked or studied in Quebec.

a. Skilled Workers

b. Students



  • Experience: One year work experience in Quebec in 2 year prior to application for Quebec Immigration.
  • French: Intermediary Level of French language or prove that you have required French proficiency for your job.



  • Study in Quebec for two years
  • French:  Intermediary level in French if the applicant’s language of instruction during study was not French.
  • No job offer required to qualify for Immigration to Canada as is the case in Federal Canadian Experience class.


The investor program usually reaches its CAP quickly. Please check before applying whether new applications are being taken. 

  1. Investors
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Self Employed individuals



  • Legally obtained net worth property/cash of $1.6 million. Donations 6 months old at the time of application are not accepted.
  • Two year business experience.
  • An applicant must invest $800,000 in a Quebec government investment scheme. The $800000 is refunded after 5 years without an interest. Canadian banks can finance $800,000 against an applicant’s overseas property on a lower interest rate. An applicant need not sell overseas property to to fulfil 800,000 deposit requirement in order to acquire Canada Immigration PR status.



  • A $300,000 in property/cash
  • Business or Farm management experience: 2 year
  • Ability to purchase a business in Quebec either alone or in partnership with at least 25% share worth at least $100,000. The business must generate one job other than an applicant’s own job.
  • The agricultural entrepreneur is not required to create or maintain full-time employment.
  • An applicant must fulfill this condition for at least one year during the three years after obtaining Canada Immigration PR status.


Self-employed individuals, as described in National Occupation Classification (NOC), include individuals such as athletes, farmers and artists (Stage, Film, Radio, TV and Fine Art).


a)      A net worth of $100,000

b)      At least 2 year experience in an intended trade


A Canadian citizen or PR living in Quebec can sponsor following close relatives to immigrate to Canada:

  • spouse or common law partner
  • dependent child
  • father, mother, grandfather or grandmother
  • orphaned sibling, nephew/niece and grandchild, who is under the age of 18, and not married or in a live-in relationship
  • an adopted child
  • any relative, regardless of age or degree of relationship, where the Québec resident does not have a spouse or de facto spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece.


Quebec immigration accepts refugees recognized by the Canadian government from within Canada and from abroad.

Where a foreign national is in the class of foreign nationals in a particularly distressful situation, the Minister may issue the selection certificate if in the Minister’s opinion the foreign national has settled or has ability to settle successfully in Québec .

Under its humanitarian consideration, Quebec may grant a selection certificate to a person in a particularly distressful situation even when a stay on removal orders has been canceled by the Canadian government or a Canadian court.[viii]

Order of Priority[ix]

For all the classes mentioned above, the processing priority is given in the following order:

  1. Family Class (Spouses)
  2. Persons in particularly distressful situations
  3. Quebec Experience Class (Students and workers in Quebec)
  4. Persons with Validated job offers
  5. Skilled Workers Class in the following order (Preferred Area of Training list, Any other skilled worker)
  6. Business Class applicants in the following order (Self-employed, Entrepreneur, Investor)
  7. Family Class (All relatives in family class, except spouses)


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